The Fluffer review

A fluffer is the lowliest crew member on a porn film set, paid to ensure (by whatever means necessary) that the male stars have suitable "wood" for their scenes. Sean (Michael Cunio), the titular hero, takes the job so that he can meet his idol - gay porn star Johnny Rebel (Scott Gurney) - after mistakenly renting Citizen Cum, instead of Orson Welles' classic, from his local video store. The only problem is that Johnny's not interested in Sean's advances, as he's only "gay for pay".

While this pitch might not be that appetising, The Fluffer's blatant attempts to guarantee itself cult status are so refreshingly upfront that you can't help but give it the benefit of the doubt. With a cameo from Debbie Harry and plenty of silly gags (one director dismisses a performer as "a dribbler") it's got enough zest to overcome the drawbacks of a flaccid plot and an underwhelming climax. Ho ho! Ahem... sorry. Don't know what came over us there.


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