The End of ALT+TAB

Pure Imagination
So who’ll be coming up with the widgets in PlayXpert? Though corporations will be able to make their own (more on that later), Manning hopes that the bulk will come from clans and other online communities making tools for their users, meaning plenty of variety.

PXP is doing its best to encourage independent development by offering its widget creation tools for free, as long as you aren’t in it for profit.

“The target is gamers, players who are in a clan and want to do something for the gaming community, and really the limitations to what can be done with the widgets are [within] their own imagination,” Manning said. “There could be web-based widgets, health monitor widgets, anything.” There’s even been some testing with rendering 3D graphics in-game, so gaming within games could become the next emblem of the insanely hardcore PC gamer.

There’s no danger of your clan-made WoW widgets cluttering your overlay when you switch to other games, either, as you’ll be able to designate packs of widgets that only load when you’re playing specific titles.