The Dark Spire

One aspect of the game that really shines is the dialog, which has some witty lines with just the right amount of sarcasm and self-referencing. It’s a bonus for those who actually pay attention to what’s being said.

Unfortunately, as with classic RPGs, The Dark Spire seems to quickly get repetitive with the level grinding and uninspired looping soundtrack. This can be frustrating when combined with how easy it is to perish in the dungeons if you are not careful or lucky. Did we mention this game was hard? Also, the interface is not especially user-friendly.

Such complications make The Dark Spire the kind of game that we’re guessing will probably separate the hardcore from the merely appreciative. Those who are willing to invest will likely get their fill of the good ol’ days, while others will decide that they don’t mind that modern Final Fantasy hero with the questionable gender so much after all.

Feb 3, 2009