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The 10 creepiest things we've experienced in BioShock 2

The lithe, clearly feminine body. The glowing, solitary red eye. The long, gleaming needle of an arm. The rusty, child-carrying cage on back. For months, fans of the BioShock franchise have obsessed over this image and this disconcerting concept of an enemy. We’ve debated her true identity. We’ve speculated about her secret agenda. We’ve wondered how long and how hard we’d have to work to defeat her.

But we’ve already killed her. The battle was definitely tough, and we emerged with only a sliver of life left, but we definitely won. We claimed our reward – some extra Adam – from right next to her corpse. What’s more, we watched the developers kill her in a completely different area of the game, too.

What does that mean? Either the Big Sister is as supernaturally strong as Freddy or Jason, continuously returning from the grave to hunt you down, or there are more than one of them. The latter is particularly disturbing, as it would imply that multiple Little Sisters have grown up, then been converted into murderous monsters and ordered to protect fresh Little Sisters – a vicious cycle that perhaps you must finally break.

Charlie Barratt
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