The 10 best Zelda songs EVER

A song that needs no introduction.

The title screen set the stage for the entire franchise, introducing a main theme that's become so popular thousands of football fans can pick it out during a half time show. If anyone knows just one video game song, it's Mario. If they know two, it's this. The NES title screen does it better because at the time, no one knew what they were starting, that there would be countless hours lost searching for clues, items and pieces of Triforce. The song was a sign of things to come, and looking back more than 20 years later, it delivered every unspoken promise its notes made.

Official soundtrack

Well, just about any Zelda soundtrack has this tune in it somewhere. Just look around and pick your favorite. Or you can try the Majora's Mask OST and listen to Termina Field for a slightly reworked version of the title screen/overworld.

Remixes of note

K. Praslowicz offers Fear and Sufferance, the familiar title tune after it's been juiced with 10 kinds of drugs and a truckload of guitars. Sounds serious and medieval, a fitting combination for a song about a boy trying to save his kingdom from certain doom.

OCR mastermind djpretzel applies his signature style to the title theme with the dancy Hyrulian.

Back in the Napster days, the Rabbit Joint Cover was often attributed to System of a Down. It's easy to see why; the vocalist's eccentric range and bouncy delivery sound an awful lot like frontman Serj Tankian. Lots of fun.

Some call it "the fairy song," others dubbed it "Sanctuary," others still like to call it the obvious "File Selection." No matter the name, there's hardly a more fitting track to be number two on the list. It's dead simple, yet captivating and memorable. Just goes to show you don't need a huge budget or band, you just need someone with talent.

The tune started in Link to the Past and changed very little over the years, but each new game tries to add a little something. Voices, extra instruments etc. All it takes is five seconds of this in the air and people want to play Zelda. Just talking about it, let alone hearing it is enough to get us in the mood for some Ganon-slaying action.

Official soundtrack

Same kinda thing as before - this song's everywhere. Just turn on any number of Zeldas and enjoy right from the start. We're already eager to hear the next version...

Remixes of note

Only one dedicated remix to be found, and this time it's so close to the original it could pass for actual VGM from the next Zelda game. Of course, that's a good thing, taking the main tune and just adding some nice background flow over it. Clean and easy on the ears; sometimes that's all it takes. Check Jayson Litrio's The Goddess Appears(Trinity) for more.