Craft weird and wonderful vehicles to explore alien planets with up to five friends in TerraTech Worlds

If you're looking for an open-world survival experience with a space exploration theme, then TerraTech Worlds could be just what you're after. As seen at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, TerraTech Worlds launches into Steam Early Access on March 22, at which point you can head out solo or join up to five other players to embark on a PvE journey of discovery across a vivid alien planet.

Rather than exploring on foot, you'll need to construct a custom vehicle to traverse the planet's surface by piecing together suitable wheels, suspension, and equipment to cope with the terrain in your current biome, which can range from arid desert to snowy tundra. You'll also want to add some weapons for defense, should you encounter roaming bandits or other alien threats.

It's not just vehicles you'll be constructing, as base building forms a significant part of TerraTech Worlds as you expand your way across newfound territory. By setting up processing plants you'll be able to automate refining of the raw materials you harvest on your travels, unlocking fresh building blocks to upgrade your bases and vehicles further.

You'll also need to use your building skills to traverse obstacles on the planet itself, whether that's laying down bridges to cross deep rivers or arranging a series of ramps to scale a sheer cliff face so you can ascend to the lands beyond. You have a real opportunity to show off your creativity and ingenuity as you assemble these bases and structures, and the only limit for what you can achieve is your imagination... and your supply of resources, naturally!

If you want to see why TerraTech Worlds was one of the most wishlisted games during last month's Steam Next Fest, you can play it in Steam Early Access from March 22 and find out for yourself.

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Iain Wilson
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