Tennis being served on Wii

Monday 8 May 2006
A few scraps of information regarding an as-yet-unannounced tennis game for Nintendo Wii have surfaced, revealing that the console's controller serves as a virtual racquet and is apparently capable of simulating a variety of shots.

As you'd rightly assume for a tennis game designed to work with motion-sensing technology, fore and backhand shots are both possible, but - according to a Wii hands-on report in Time magazine - this mystery ball-thwacker is capable of much more.

"The sensors are fine enough that you can scoop under the ball to lob it, or slice it for spin." It certainly sounds impressive and, as the article continues, it's clear that playing tennis on Wii is a whole lot of fun. "At the end, I didn't so much put the controller down as have it pried from my hands."

Can Wii really provide a realistic game of tennis using its marvellous magical wand stick controller? Hopefully an imminent Wii hands-on will give us a better idea of just what Nintendo's new console is capable of - stay tuned for our first play-test report soon.