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TalkRadar 176 - Radical Dreamers

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The Top 7... Most unique multiplayer games of fall 2011
In a season full of co-op and competition, these stand apart

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The games of Septmeber 2011
And so it begins...

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Bodycount review
Shredding scenery is ace. Shooting things is ace. But what about the rest?

In the office

Above: Brett may look like he's crying as he packs his desk, but he swears it's just action figure dust

Above: And here's Brett's desk now. *sniff* Sorry, must be more action figure dust

Above: And then we partied hard on a Thursday night, something that made working on Friday very easy. We did it all for Brett

In the community

Above: Grabboids tribute to Mikel's PAX 2011 podcast performance

Above: 4fromk shows his love for Brett's podcast bliss

Above: Hatebreeder's Brett love

Above: And Batman5273 says goodbye too

Above: Grabboids collected all his goodbyes in one stirring video

Brett Elston: That's All Folks (opens in new tab) from Aaron Robson (opens in new tab) on Vimeo (opens in new tab).

Above: As did Frootaloom. Thanks so much guys for your heartfelt tributes. We know he really appreciates it


Post date: September 2, 2011

T-Dar 176 length: 1:58:58


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