Take on demonic hordes in Scathe's bullet hell shooter releasing August 31

Scathe has finally announced an August 31 release date in a new trailer at the Future Games Show, along with a first look at magic - a newly revealed ability in this bullet hell FPS that adds an extra tools to help players survive a vicious demon onslaught.

This is a shooter all about fast reflexes; mixing bullet hell waves of enemy fire more usually associated with 2D shooters and classic high-intensity FPS action. You'll need to use your speed and reflexes to avoid countless torrents of deadly projectiles, as you fight against powerful hell demons to reach the center of a devious maze. To achieve your goal you'll need to find three Hellstones, while collecting runes and uncovering secrets on your mission to prove yourself as an Enforcer of the legions of Hell. 

As well as using your skills and reflexes to dance between hails of bullets you'll have an extensive and deadly selection of weapons to find and master. Each comes with some creative secondary fire options to help you mix and match your offensive approach. Guns like the Hot Hatch will let you fight back with literal hellfire, while the Bow Blade slices through enemies with buzz saws. 

This is a game about mastering your speed and brute strength as an Enforcer to defeat and overcome an endless tide of enemies. But it's a fight you won't have to take on alone with Scathe's drop-in / drop-out multiplayer. Scathe is designed for a full crossplay co-op online experience, letting up to three friends join you at any time to help conquer the maze. There's a twist though: you and all your allies draw from the same pool of lives, so you'll have to fight and survive as a team. 

The find out more about Scathe you can wishlist the game on Steam and try out a demo, or follow the game on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  

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