Point and click adventure Deponia turns survival game in its surprise fifth entry

Point and click adventure series Deponia is changing things up with the fifth entry in the series, as has just been revealed at the Future Game Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel.

Surviving Deponia is a story-based survival game this time around, and takes place after the events of the fourth game in the series, Deponia Doomsday. In this one, the floating utopia Elysium has crashed into the trash planet Deponia, causing not only a water shortage but also a rejigging of the order of society. 

It’s your job to solve the mystery of that water shortage, all while gathering resources to craft your own home and keep safe from the monsters and bad guys lurking outside. Surviving Deponia is coming to PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC, with Early Access due to touch down on PC this year.

The reveal of Survivng Deponia has been marked with a zippy announcement trailer showcasing a diminutive rocket hurtling through space before crashing down on a barren planet. Our adventurer then crawls from the debris to greet an elderly chap before we glance skyward, seeing plenty of other issues coming our way.

That planet we have crashed on is Deponia, a trash-filled world that used to be inhabited by a larger human population before they sought out a utopia in the sky known as Elysium. While we’ve seen four other games in the series, the hunk of floating rock is a consistent presence. 

The trailer acts as a bridge taking us from the ending of Deponia Doomsday to Surviving Deponia. While we’ve seen a few games in the series, developer Atomic Torch Studio says you don’t need knowledge of them to enjoy this one. For series fans, you will get canonical closure about Elysium’s fate and Deponia's citizens.

If you’re looking for more excellent games from today's Future Games Show, have a look at our official Steam page.

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