Super Smash Bros Brawl databurst

Wednesday 30 May 2007
We know how much you all love Super Smash Bros. - it's okay to admit it - so we've piled up a mountain of new images in our gallery, and taken a deeper look into how the Wii edition, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, will invigorate the battling madness.

First up is the Final Smash - a devastating move that can only be performed once, and only after hunting down the Smash Ball item. Take a peek below and you can see Mario in the first stage of his electro-tastic Final Smash attack.

Then there's Pit, from Nintendo classic Kid Icarus. Pit wields a bow that's made of two swords, so he's well prepared for carnage, and can shoot down rivals with his "faster than light" arrows, which you can steer in the air. And, should you be blatted off the level and in danger of falling, a quick flurry of Pit's wings can save you, though he can't fly for long.

Finally - for now - we've also got a shot below of one of our favourite light-guns repurposed as one of our soon-to-be-favourite game items, the SNES Super Scope. According to the latest update on the official site, you can now move and jump around while blasting away. Keep your eyes on the official site, Smash fans, as it'll be updating on a regular basis.