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  • PC | Submitted by ElliotGuy_Ling

    Hint With Arbiters

    With the Stasis Field ability, it is best when fight Zerg, to use it on the Larva. This will render the Zerg unable to produce any kind of unit. Since the Zerg eggs hatch quite quickly, I suggest this because when you attack a Zerg base, they will still be producing.
    Terrans: Rushing
    When you start build all the SCVs you possibly can. Use one to build a Supply Depot. Use two of the others to build a Barracks. When the Suppy Depot is done, build more and more. Then build 5 more SCVs for mining and the other three for building more barracks until you have six Barracks. With the SCVs you've used for building the Barracks are done, get them to mine gas except for one. Use that one to build an Academy. When its done let it mine. Now you can use the Barracks to build 1 marine in each Barracks and one Barracks to build a Medic to attack constantly.
    Detect Cloaked Units
    You don't need a detector unit or a detector ability for this cheat. All you have to do is look on the background tiles for a bit of messed-up background. It can appear to be moving. This is a cloaked unit. If the messed-up background moves then the cloaked unit. Don't worry about the unit moving onto a different terrain. The messed-up background will change terrains if it has to. If your opponent thinks he can kill you with cloaked units, you don't have any detectors, and you're a protoss player, just whip out some High Templar and Psionic Storm the heck out of the cloaked background
    Terran Strategy
    The best strategy for Terrans ground units is this:
    Seige tanks, Goliths, and some Marines. With these units combined, the tanks can attack far (siege mode) while the goliths cover air. You might want to bring some Marines along for extra backup.
    Air units: Only around 4-5 Battlecrusers, Wraiths, Valkeries, and one or two science vessils. The battle cruses can use their yamato guns to take out photon cannons, spore colonies, ect. Then you come in with your force, and attack. The wraiths and Valkeries cover air really good, if their isn't air to cover, the Wraiths will go for ground. Then the science vessel is their to detect cloaked units. (important to research the cloak ability for the Wraiths) You could also use them for EMP and irritate.
    Those are some strategies that are good to use. People might just build a whole fleet of battlecrusers, which is ok but not that smart. A hit of plague or pionic storm can take them out easily, so pick your units wisely.
    Invisible Non-Mutated Buildings
    When you have protoss to start off with you get a arbitor and you get a zerg unit (that is a ground unit) and dig it under the ground and just as the arbitor leaves the hole you dig it up and you have an invisible zerg ground unit but also you can do it with drones and when they are cloaked they build invisible buildings but only while the building it + if it mutates it will not work so i suggest you don't build a hatery or spire with it.

Starcraft: Brood War Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by mikhail

    Various Cheats

    To activate the following codes you must press [ENTER] + the code below + [ENTER] again
    Building is faster and instant upgrades operation cwal
    Get unlimited psionic ability the gathering
    Indestructible buildings and ships power overwhelming
    Ignore supply limit when building units food for thought
    Full map black sheep wall
    Opponent has no psionics noglues
    Build anything modify the phase variance
    Free upgrades to units medieval man
    Mission skip there is no cow level
    Enable mission select(1) ophelia
    Terran mission select terran
    Zerg mission select zerg
    Protoss mission select protoss
    Continue after mission completed staying alive
    Win game man over game
    Lose game game over man
    Zerg song2 radio free zerg
    Increases minerals and gas by 10,000 show me the money
    Increases minerals by 500 whats mine is mine
    Increases Vespene gas by 500 breathe deep
    Increases Everything something for nothing
    no fog of war war aint what it used to be
    Computer doesn't advance in technology glues
    1. You must enable this code before the other mission codes are used.
    2. You must play as Zerg before enabling this code.
    Get Zerg Secret Level
    Complete level 9 (the reckoning) in under 25 minutes to get a secret level. Save your game at the beginning of this level to go back to it
    More Codes
    Press enter and type the following and press enter again:
    Code Effect
    Speldin- terran 20 times more powerful
    For supernuke, when game is loading, type
    "xmy66p" five times.