Star Wars universe expands

Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (WMV, 35.1MB)- right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
LucasArts has confirmed that the first expansion pack for RTS Star Wars: Empire at War will be named Forces of Corruption. And set after the end of a New Hope (the original film), it presents you with the chance to join the 'grey' side, as criminal mastermind and Hutt-hater Tyber Zann.

For, as usual, the Rebel Alliance really didn't think it through when they shot one up the nozzle of the first Death Star. Because, say what you like about the fully-operational battlestation, at least it kept the crime rate down.

So now, with the empire in a state of war and law and order breaking down, the galaxy's scum are on the rise. And so are you, just right click on the trailer above if you don't believe us.

So you build your forces, influence other races, steal their funds, spy on them and most importantly of all DESTROY! KILL! MAIM! From deep space encounter to battlefield tactics, you can command TIE interceptors, B-wings and Super Star Destroyers in the same fleet. Alliances can be formed and broken, and technology can be stolen and added to your own expanded armoury including cloaking devices, buzz droids, shield leeching and jamming devices.

And with a new range of heroes including Luke, Yoda and IG-88, 13 new maps including Bespin's Cloud City and the Eclipse - a ship that rivals the Death Star itself - you can soon be as powerful as the Jedi, although probably slightly less smug.