Star Wars spin-offs will be origin stories

It’s all gone a bit quiet on the Star Wars front of late, but Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo has dropped a brief hint regarding the secondary series of spin-offs set to be released by the studio.

We already knew that the “main” Star Wars series would be offset by a series of spin-off movies, with the likes of Yoda, Han Solo and Boba Fett rumoured to be some of the characters featured.

However, according to Rasulo, these films won’t be spin-offs as such, but will instead form origin stories for the characters in question.

It’s an idea that makes sense in principle, allowing the filmmakers to explore some of the series’ more popular characters without interfering in the new universe to be established in Episode VII and its sequels.

On the flip-side, there’s something about the term “origin story” that always cools our expectations a little, thanks to the tendency of such films to get bogged down in reams of exposition.

Hopefully Disney will find a way to avert this pitfall, telling genuinely engaging stories, rather than just cashing in on their expensively-acquired franchise…

George Wales

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