Star Trek Prizes Up For Grabs

Toshiba have partnered with Paramount and Star Trek to beam you to Las Vegas for the trip of a lifetime.

The folks over at Toshiba UK are offering an all expenses paid jaunt to Sin City where you’ll get to fly in specially modified Boeing 747, dubbed the G-Force One, and experience weightlessness.

If that’s not enough, you also get a personalized flight suit, a ‘regravitation celebration’ after party, and pictures of your trip.

It isn’t clear whether dry-cleaning is included, after your breakfast reappears at Warp factor 4 all over your new flight suit. These aircraft are nicknamed ‘vomit comets’ for good reason...

If you can stomach that, there’s just one catch; you must buy a Toshiba product before May 31 and register your serial number online.

You don't have to spent thousands, though. Star Trek fans should head over to the Toshiba/Star Trek micro-site , where you can grab a high quality Star Trek laptop cover for (pictured above) for just £15.

The site is also offering plenty in the way of screensavers, images and video clips, so have click around, and get your name down for this fantastic prize!

Link: Toshiba/Star Trek micro-site