Sonic the Hedgehog

As well as the more traditional frantic platform action, Sonic will get to grips with landscapes that open up the possibility of more freeroaming gameplay. Vehicles are in the 360 mix for starters, tooled up and ready to be caned around expansive environments to break up the segments of platform play.

Sonic himself has been stretched to assume more grown-up proportions, taking on the mantle of gawky teenager with his long, skinny legs and those same old red trainers.

Above: The new taller, meaner Sonic takes on an even bigger baddy

In fact the whole atmosphere of the game has been matured just enough to bring a darkness to proceedings that frames the inclusion of a menacing, mysterious, brand new white Sonic nemesis perfectly.

It seems, then, that the good old days are back. Pass us that three-litre bottle of White Lightning...