Solid Snake knocks Mario off his feet

Sept 21, 2007

The ever fruitfulSmash Bros Dojohas produced a fresh crop of images showing Solid Snake making his debut appearance in the upcoming Nintendo Wii scrapper, Super Smash Bros Brawl. As well as showing the Metal Gear hard man springing a surprise on Mario (below), Snake is also seen taking a shot at Link and locked in an embrace with Fire Emblem's Ike. Check out all theSolid Snake images here.

Snake arrives in the Smash Bros arena armed with some of his own natty devices. He has access to the first-person controlled Nikita missiles and can call on the Cypher recon camera to carry him back to safety when he's been hurled from the battlefield. A Smash Bros Brawl version of the Metal Gear Solid 4 'Love Theme' music will also feature, adding further MGS flavour to the action.

Matt Cundy
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