So long, and thanks for all the games

I never expected that my first post for the new PC Gamer/GamesRadar website would also be my last. After seven years at PC Gamer, first as Features Editor, then as Senior Editor, Executive Editor, and, finally, Senior Executive Editor, I’ve accepted an exciting new Editor-in-Chief position at PCG’s parent company, Future US.

It wasn’t an easy decision, by any means. Working at PC Gamer has long been a dream of mine, and I’m honored to have been a part of its proud history. I’ve had no shortage of amazing experiences while at PCG; in fact, as I write this, I’m in Moscow on a mission for our August 2008 issue. Am I crazy for leaving? Yeah, probably.

But I’m gladdened by the fact that I leave PCG in exceptional hands. Editors Kristen Salvatore, Dan Stapleton, and Logan Decker share that same love of PC gaming that made me a fan of the mag long before I joined its staff. Throw in eternal intern Norman Chan, artist Dan Fitzpatrick, and producer Debra Guilfoyle, and you have a rock-solid team that I’m going to miss working with on a daily basis. Not that I’m moving too far; I’ll still be in the same building, so maybe you’ll hear me on an occasional podcast or as a guest writer in the magazine. I’d like that.

Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with throughout the years at PCG for putting up with me. And, most of all, thanks to you for letting me into your living rooms, bus rides, bathrooms, or wherever else you read PC Gamer. To fans of my writing, thanks for all the kind words and support. To people who hate my writing, now is the time to renew your subscription! PCG has just gotten immeasurably better.

Chuck Osborn
Senior Executive Editor

May 8, 2008