Singalong with Wii

Friday 26 May 2006
A Singstar-style game could be on its way to Wii after it emerged that Nintendo has registered the domain name,

While Nintendo hasn't confirmed any plans for such a game, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see a karaoke title released for Wii - the success of Sony's Singstar has demonstrated that an invitation to croon is an excellent way of getting the whole family interested in games.

The possible existence of a singalong game has also sparked speculation that the Wii controller could also function as a microphone and that the inbuilt speaker is, in fact, capable of receiving as well as emitting sound.

If this is the case, then there's a very real possibility that the Wii remote combined with the console's WiFi capability could allow users to talk over the internet. As this is already one of the capabilities of Nintendo DS it would make sense that Wii would be able to provide it as well.

Unfortunately, Nintendo are fans of keeping secrets, but not fans of commenting on rumour, so we'll just to wait for an official announcement to see if there's any substance to the speculation.