Shrek the Third review

If you're planning on going Far Far away, you might want to bring a PSP

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Hearing Shrek and Donkey argue

  • +

    Getting to play through the movie

  • +

    Not too tough for the kids


  • -

    Lame boss fights

  • -

    Mostly silly collectable rewards

  • -

    Not much replayabilty

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Like its namesake, the simple but lovable ogre, Shrek the Third is not a complicated game. The levels are linear and, whether you're playing as Shrek, Sleeping Beauty, or any of the several playable cast members in between, the combat is always of the walk up and smash the enemy variety. You can take time off enemy-flattening to spend gold earned from completing level objectives at the Gift Shop, but before long you'll be asking yourself, how many different outfits does Shrek really need to own?

What ends up saving the land of Far Far away isn't finding the hidden crayon artwork in each level, giving the underhanded Prince Charming his just desserts or even Shrek's skimpy bathing suit (although, that particular piece of clothing did make us laugh), instead, it's the characters' above average charm in an otherwise run-of-the-mill fairyland.

The humor is in the same vein as the movie, so Shrek is frequently dumbfounded by the Donkey's over-enthusiastic attempts to help and Puss in Boots's roguish mannerisms. The voice acting has been done just right, and although a few of the "out of place voice" jokes get a bit tedious by the end of the game, most will keep you smiling for the duration.

Of course, there are plenty of enemies trying to wipe that smile right off your face, but because most of them are easily dispatched without even lifting your thumb to tap a special attack button, their biggest anti-smile technique is the repetitive combat. The bosses are especially disappointing. Eventhe strongest cyclops and grumpiest dragon will go down fast and hard to under steadybarrage of ogre punches or feline fencing.

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DescriptionIf you want a Shrek fix, you won't have to look far, because it will be on at least one system you own.
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Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)