SF Gateway Opens

Easy access to a whole universe of classic sci-fi ebooks

Gollancz, the SF and fantasy imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, has today launched SF Gateway , an enormous classic SF ebooks portal. It will make available again thousands of out-of-print science fiction and fantasy classics, linking up with the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction – the third edition of which has also just been launched online – to provide information on authors and suggested further reading.

SF Gateway has kicked off with a community/forum and individual pages for over 60 authors, covering more than 800 eBooks. More books and authors will follow. By the end of the year Gollancz aims to have added titles by Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Crowley, Avram Davidson, Jack Finney, Karen Joy Fowler, Mary Gentle, Colin Greenland, Robert Holdstock, Cecelia Holland, Raymond F. Jones, Henry Kuttner, Olaf Stapledon and William Tenn. By the end of 2012, SF Gateway should contain more than 3,000 titles.

The latest Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has with 12,226 entries, 3.2 million words and 113,391 internal links (for comparison, the 1993 edition contained 6,571 entries, 1.3 million words and 41,712 cross-references).

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