See what's inside that wonderful 25th anniversary Super Mario Collection

It's Super Mario's birthday! He's 25 whole years old. Let's face it, he looks older. But while he's considering botox or a 3DS facelift, Nintendo's gone a bit sentimental and put up his first four games in their All-Stars incarnationfor re-release in Japan as Super Mario Collection on October 21. Here (thanks to Official Nintendo Magazine), are the box and its wonderful contents.

Above: The 'special pack' as theJapanese text says does indeed look rather special. Sadly it's Japan only

Above: Sorry, Mario, but your dimensionally-proportional press shots are in another castle

Above:A screenshot from the game select screen. Makes us all feel old... except for Meiks

Above: Just look at that Famicom - like someone pitched the SNES as a pre-school toy. In the seventies...

I say 'Super Mario' is 25 because Mario himself has actually been around longer. But it's 25 years since Super Mario Bros was released and Mazza scoffed his first mushroom, kick-starting the ailing games industry once more. If that's not worth a collectors' edition, I don't know what is.

If you want to see screenshots, there are more images over at Official Nintendo Magazine'swebsite. As for us, there's no news of a UK or US version of this special edition collectors' pack, so you may have to get importing if you want one for yourself. Unless we get there first, of course...

13 Sep, 2010

Source:Official Nintendo Magazine

Justin Towell

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