See Left 4 Dead in action

Our friends atPC Gamer have just unleashed exclusive video footage of Left 4 Dead's first stage and it looks awesome. Don't expect to see any lumbering undead softly pawing at the door in this survival-horror shooter. With some help from Valve, developer, Turtle Rock Studios claims that they're out to top Counter-Strike by injecting four player co-op, mountains of ravenous zombies - that'll make the infected from 28 Days Later seem tame - and buckets of bloody guts.

After seeing the game in action we can't wait to pump some lead into some swarms of charging corpses.Head here to feast your eyes on PC Gamer's gory hands-on experience with Left 4 Dead, and watch editor in chief and aspiring cowboy, Greg Vedermanwrestle witha mechanical bull.

July 6, 2007