Face the mystery and horror of new Scorn footage on PS5

Scorn has revealed a fresh look at its PS5 debut in the Future Games Show, with new footage of the PlayStation edition of the game slithering on to a console near you on October 3. This Giger-esq Lovecraftian otherworld has already revealed its body horror mysteries on PC, but is now bringing its dreamstate to a new platform. 

It's a unique experience, with the idea behind Scorn being that you are "thrown into the world", and that the world itself is largely a character. It's filled with strange creatures - one of which is you - as well as arcane machines, alien views, and a dark narrative that's open to interpretation. There's no dialogue for example, the mysteries of this world are simply yours to discover and interpret as you see fit. 

To unearth the mysteries and meanings of what you find, you'll be able to wander an open, non-linear experience, letting you explore a series of interconnected regions. Each has its own theme, story, and characters to unravel as you solve puzzles and progress by acquiring different weapons, items, skills, and even more understanding of the world the game inhabits.

Survival and progression will all depend on you facing the horrors of this biomechanical world to try to understand what it's asking of you. While direct combat using a range of unpleasantly organic weapons might work in some cases, stealth will payoff in others. Make the right choices, as you piece together the meanings around whatever you encounter, and you'll learn enough to see more, progress further and maybe start to form some ideas of what Scorn's world is all about. 

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