Sci-fi premise in Crank 2

Weirdly, the sequel to the daft action movie Crank looks like it's going to be taking the franchise into SFX territory. We came across the pitch for the 2009 follow-up some time ago, but actor Jason Statham has confirmed its "out there" status to our sister magazine. "It’s from the stratosphere," Statham said to our colleagues on Total Film. "It’s so wacky, it’s so unbelievable."

Crank 2: High Voltage sees a Chinese villain steal Statham's character 's heart, replacing it with a ticker that needs constant zaps of electricity to keep going.

Sci-fi? Sounds like it to us. Preposterous? Definitely. "I was thumbing through [the script] with a box of tissues just laughing and crying, going, ‘This is absolutely silly. When do we make it?’" revealed the actor. Get more, including pics, on the Total Film website .