Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

DVDs, Blu-rays, T-shirts and bobble heads… and no, that’s not what we call your host, Steven Ellis, behind his back

Hello and welcome to the SFX weekly bargains round up. We’ve been surfing the net and wandering round the supermarkets looking slightly dodgy to bring you a selection of low priced sci-fi goodies that won’t break the bank.

First up we’ll mention Play’s Warehouse Clearance sale , with offers across most of its products including DVDs , games and clothing it’s well worth a look round the site to see if you can spot any gems amongst the chaff.

There’s a distinctly apocalyptic feel to our bargains selection this week, starting with the rather depressing film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s gloomy book The Road . It’s available from Amazon on Blu-ray for £5.49 and on DVD from Zavvi for just £4.95 .

Another post apocalyptic road movie up next, but this one has a lot more action. Denzel Washington stars in The Book Of Eli on DVD for £4.49 and Blu-ray for £5.95 .

Next up is one of George Lucas’ few pre -Star Wars efforts and it’s a film with a title seen in many a sci-fi in-joke; THX 1138 can be yours on Blu-ray for £4.99 .

Bruce Dern stars alongside cute robots Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the sci-fi classic Silent Running . Gardening fun in space can be yours from Amazon for £11.99 on a limited edition Blu-ray.

Post-apocalyptic meets time travel as Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt both do a turn in the nut house in Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys on Blu-ray for £6.67 and DVD for just £2.99 .

Next we have a pre- Batman Christian Bale as a warrior Priest type in future dystopian thriller Equilibrium , on DVD for just £2.99 and Blu-ray for £5.49 .

Madness on a space ship next with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in Pandorum available on Blu-ray for £4.99 .

More space ship madness but with added tanning opportunities next with Danny Boyle’s Sunshine , on DVD for £3.39 and on Blu-ray for £7.99 .

It’s all Muppets and leather pants in the bizarre but brilliant Farscape Definitive Collection Blu-ray. We don’t think it’s exactly “definitive” as it doesn’t include The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, but at £49.95 , this offer from Zavvi is way cheaper than we’ve seen it anywhere else. If you’d prefer, Amazon do have the DVD version of this set which does have The Peacekeeper Wars included. It’s available for £60.97 .

Next we have a Frank Darabont adaptation of a Stephen King book. With everything from giant flying insects to religious fanatics we think The Mist is one of the better King adaptations out there and it can be yours on DVD for £5.29 or on Blu-ray for £6.49 . Whichever format you choose we recommend you turn the lights off and watch the black and white version of the film for added eeriness.

And while we’re on the subject of horror, Gore Verbinski’s 2002 remake of the Japanese horror film The Ring is available in a Collectors Edition from Zavvi for just £3.45 .

You may have heard that Star Trek: The Next Generation is being prettied up for Blu-ray. The first sample disc, The Next Level , featuring the episodes “Encounter At Farpoint”, “Sins Of The Father” and “The Inner Light” is out on 30 January, and you can pre-order it for £6.99 from Amazon. The boxed set of the Complete Next Generation is available on DVD from Play for £99.99 , not exactly a bargain we know, but you can bet it’s cheaper than the complete Blu-ray set is going to be.

We found loads of bargains in our weekly wander round the supermarkets this week. First up in Asda’s DVD shelves we spotted Jumper and Weird Science for £3 , Inception for £7 , The Mummy for just £2 , Limitless for £7 and The Crazies and Monsters for £5 each. We also spotted a selection of Batman: The Animated Series DVDs, including The Legend Begins, Out of the Shadows and Tales Of The Dark Knight , all for £3 each.

On Blu-ray we found Splice and Terminator 2 for £7 each and Hulk, The Mummy 3 and Stargate – Ultimate Edition for £5 each. We also spotted Drive Angry for £9 .

Over the road in Morrison’s we found JJ Abrams’ Star Trek , Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd and Super for £4 each. Also on the shelves we spotted The Happening, Jonah Hex, The Iron Giant, The Terminator, Muppets From Space (not to be confused with Farscape ) , the recent Wolfman remake and The Thing all for £3 each. The first three Pirates Of The Caribbean films are available for £5 each, and recent releases Melancholia and Shark Night can be yours for £9.99 each.

In Blu-rays Morrison’s had Iron Man and the original Clash Of The Titans for £5 each and The Day After Tomorrow and Super for £6 each.

Random suggestions from the forum this week start with Midnighter spotting some Tron: Legacy toys in The Works. Vehicles are available for £1.99 and action figures for £2.99 , although he cautions that those prices might actually be the other way round. VALIS74 has also been in The Works this week and they spotted Marvel bobble heads: Wolverine, Whiplash, Mr Fantastic and Vision for £2.99 each.

Quinny on the forum found this Thor T-shirt for £7 from Asda’s George range. We also spotted a Captain America shirt for the same price.

If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. And remember; if anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share then please pop over to the forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains . Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.