Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

We%26rsquo;ve gone years without a successor to Diablo II - perhaps the MMO-boom put a dampener on the need to wander through caves with swords of increasing girth, facing monsters of increasing size and fangs. Whatever, in the run up to what could be the announcement of Diablo III; prime examples of hackage and slashery are oozing out of the fantastical woodwork and sitting obstinately on the horizon. Their names are legion,and chief among them in probable worth and certainly graphical goodness is Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

%26ldquo;I%26rsquo;m not sure that action-RPGs have ever really been away,%26rdquo; counters Alan Wild of Ascaron. %26ldquo;There have been a number of releases over the years, and plenty of contenders have tried (and failed) to come close to reaching the rewards of a certain benchmark title for many years now%26hellip;%26rdquo;

The accessible freeform nature of Sacred combined with a few lovably innovative character classes (Vampiresses, Gladiators and Seraphims rather than rogues, monks and assassins) made for a crazy, addictive and surprisingly successful formula.