Retro Gamer’s 200th issue will take you through the entire history of games

Retro Gamer 200
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Retro Gamer’s 200th issue is landing next Thursday, October 31 and it’s bringing some of the biggest names in gaming throughout the years to help guide you through its history.  

They include PS4 and PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny, Elite co-creator David Braben, Codemasters’ founder David Darling, and many more. This issue focuses on gaming from the ‘60s all the way through to the present day, looking at how gaming has changed throughout recent history.  

This includes interviews with Steve Russell (who created the first video game, Spacewar!) and Atari co-creator Nolan Bushnell, Kevin Jordan and Kevin Beardslee on designing World of Warcraft, and programmer Matthew Smith on 35 years of Jet Set Willy. 

On top of that, the magazine also has a timeline that runs across 86(!) pages, looking  at some of the most important moments in gaming, as well as features on how PlayStation changed gaming, Grand Theft Auto 3’s role in shaping the modern blockbuster, and the rise of retro gaming. 

The issue also comes with a double-sided poster with artwork by Army of Trolls and Craig Stevenson, as well as a music CD featuring orchestral and synth-led remixes of 14 legendary Turrican tracks by Chris Huelsbeck. 

Since the magazine launched in January 2004, it’s been the authority on retro gaming, with current editor Darran Jones having overseen the mag since its 19th issue. It’s sure to be a must read no matter your favourite era of gaming, so make sure you pick up Retro Gamer’s 200th issue by ordering it from My Favourite Magazines, by starting a subscription to get Retro Gamer delivered to your door every month, or by heading to your local newsagents from October 31.

Retro Gamer Team

Retro Gamer is the world's biggest - and longest-running - magazine dedicated to classic games, from ZX Spectrum, to NES and PlayStation. Relaunched in 2005, Retro Gamer has become respected within the industry as the authoritative word on classic gaming, thanks to its passionate and knowledgeable writers, with in-depth interviews of numerous acclaimed veterans, including Shigeru Miyamoto, Yu Suzuki, Peter Molyneux and Trip Hawkins.