Resi Outbreak confirmed for September release

Capcom have finally announced the UK release date for Resident Evil Outbreak. It'll hit shelves in September but, as we'd long suspected, the online component won't be included. Instead, UK gamers will have to make do with two CPU-controlled characters who join you on your zombie-slaying misadventures.

While both the Japanese and US versions of the game include the full online mode, Capcom cite the fact that there are "far more technical difficulties bringing an online game to PAL territories than to Japan or the US, the most obvious of which are the different languages and service providers found in each territory."

However, Capcom do say that they are "working hard to overcome these difficulties and right now a number of engineers from our Japanese office are in Europe talking to various ISPs and we hope that it will only be a number of months before we have an online PS2 game up and running."

Either way, Resi Outbreak is still a superb new incarnation of the seminal survival-horror series, even as on offline-only game. Indeed, PSM2 magazine recently concluded that it's a "sizey, different and diverse lump of still-classic Resi gaming".

Resident Evil Outbreak will be released on PS2 in September