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RealPlay Racing review

Quick, get the jaws of life!


  • Motion sensing peripheral
  • Hilarious physics
  • "Retro" graphics


  • Non-hilarious price
  • "Retro" = "terrible"
  • Physics are a joke

Jan 8, 2008

Like the other RealPlay titles, the steering wheel peripheral doesn%26rsquo;t add a new dimension of control; it merely adds a new dimension of difficulty- wrecking what might have been a half-decent budget game underneath. Here, there isn%26rsquo;t even a half-decent game underneath, but what looks like a half-finished PS1 game.

How half-finished? Well, the moment you hit a ramp, your car will start flipping uncontrollably, no matter what. You%26rsquo;d laugh if you hadn%26rsquo;t spent full price on the thing. There%26rsquo;s no multiplayer either, so if you hoped to get three friends in and to drive invisible cars, it ain%26rsquo;t happening.

More Info

DescriptionA total joke. Save up your money for a real car.
UK censor rating3+
Release date (US), 30 November 2007 (UK)