'Realistic' Joanna Dark image

The latest image to surface from Xbox 360 teaser website ourcolony.net is a frustratingly cut-off piece of artwork depicting a more realistic, yet still ginger, Joanna Dark, star of Perfect Dark Zero.

Previously, details regarding with two people who had already played the game at an advanced showing of Xbox 360, at a Microsoft/MTV bash in LA late last week.

One of the features confirmed in the interview was a more realistic looking experience compared to the cel-shaded demo shown when Microsoft announced its acquisition of Perfect Dark developer Rare.

The interview, which reveals details regarding weapons, jet packs and, most crucially, the ability to scan your entire body into the game via Xbox 360's bundled camera, was originally conducted and posted on gamertagradio.com, however the site removed the file after being approached by Microsoft.

Despite Microsoft intervention, though, the 30-minute-long interview is still being hosted by a few rogue websites that Microsoft presumably can't find a way of contacting. If you haven't yet downloaded it, - who knows when it will be removed.