This isn't PT - it's PuniTy, a near-perfect recreation you can download for free

When Silent Hills was cancelled, Konami didn't just pull the plug on that game - it also gave a final notice to PT, the "playable teaser" for PS4 that was secretly the Silent Hills announcement in disguise. Since that time, various games inspired by PT have crawled forth, while PT itself has been removed from the PlayStation Store. Unable to let the horror phenomenon go gently into that good night, Farhan Qureshi of Alberta, Canada has crafted an almost 1:1 recreation of the game in the Unity game engine.

"PuniTy," as Qureshi calls it, is a project designed as part of a 3D modelling workshop that Qureshi will be teaching in September. Originally, Qureshi was going to create a simple, non-terrifying apartment due to its simultaneous simplicity, familiarity and variety of objects it would contain. However, since the workshop is aimed at game developers, Qureshi decided to attempt to recreate the infamous haunted hallway. You can see screenshots of his impressive work above, or visit his page for a step-by-step breakdown of how he managed this impressive feat (in four weeks by himself, no less).

The best news of all is what Qureshi has done with his project: made it free to the public. If you're a PS4 owner who's lost their copy of PT or perhaps an Xbox/PC owner who never got the chance to experience the game, you can download a PC, Mac or Linux build for yourself. It's not an exact copy of the game - there's no Norman Reedus at the end, nor do you loop through the hallway ad infinitum - but it's still better than nothing, and knowing the Internet, I'd wager it won't be long before someone expands on Qureshi's designs.

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Sam Prell

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