PSP homebrew support "in the works"

The homebrew scene is usually considered a bit of a dirty thing, because it usually takes some sort of hacking before the console in question will run such home-made software, but Jack Tretton has actually praised some of the work of the thriving PSP homebrew crowd.

When asked if Sony would consider adding official homebrew support to PSP, Tretton rather encouragingly said: "I think that is something that is in the works.

"We certainly see some of the stuff that has been done via homebrew, and it's incredibly creative. And I think we'd like to try and tap into that a little bit more," he said in reply to a question submitted to IGN by a reader.

It would sound like homebrew support is a dead cert then, but Dave Karraker, senior director of corporate communications with SCE, jumped in to put things into perspective, stressing that support for homebrew software throws up the problem of keeping the PSP safe from viruses and malicious software created by dirty hackers.

July 26, 2007