PS4's getting an updated version of one its best-looking, limited-edition controllers

A close-up, front view of the new Steel Black PS4 controller.

Steel Black. Even just the name of this discontinued, limited-edition PS4 controller sounds cool - like a rival agent with the grudging respect of James Bond - and it has slick looks to match. So true DualShock 4 connoisseurs will be pleased to hear this bit of news from Sony: Steel Black will return in "March". Sorry, I'm looking at the announcement again now and I believe that's just the month of March, not a film title. In other 'controller color that could totally be a sexy secret agent' news, Midnight Blue will arrive at the same time.

Steel Black was first released in limited quantities over the summer of 2016 and it's become increasingly difficult to find since then. Procure one anyway and you'll be a bit bummed out to remember/discover that it's one of the old DualShock 4 models - meaning a lack of play-by-USB support and no fun little front window to see what color your lightbar is at a glance. The new version of Steel Black has all those modern accouterments with a classic style: a soft, satin-y grey finish on the faceplate and a black back for a classy two-tone look.

A side view of the new Steel Black PS4 controller.

Midnight Blue has a matte blue front and an even midnight-ier blue back. For fans of the color family, this is far from a mixed bag (feel free to quote that on the sizzle reel, Sony). 

A front view of the Midnight Blue PS4 controller.

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