PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Beast will make a bloody mess on May 17

Shadow of the Beast, a PS4-exclusive remake of the 1989 game by the same name has a release date. Expect to be chopping and slashing your way across an alien landscape, gutting monsters and generally ruining your enemies' day, on May 17.

The original Shadow of the Beast was made for the Commodore Amiga, and was considered a graphical powerhouse at the time. It looked like this:

I'd say the graphics have improved just a little, wouldn't you? One thing that hasn't changed is the score. Composer David Whittaker, who crafted the first game's soundtrack, is back onboard for the 2016 version. That's definitely cool for developer Heavy Spectrum to come full circle like that, but as long as it's as fun as it looks, I'll be happy.

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