Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Oli

    More Goals

    When you score wait for the ball to cross the line then very quickly pause it. (IF you do it to late so your player starts celebrating or to early so the whole ball has not crossed the line then it WILL NOT WORK) Then go down to replay and press x. Watch the replay once, press start once then watch the replay over and over again. (You must press start once you have watched the replay and then go on to it again) every time you do this your goal amount increases by 1. THIS DOES WORK. I won 99-0 on level 6 because of this code.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Registering Players

    Trying to find Rio Ferdinand, Wright-Phillips or any of your other favorite England players on the England team, and their not there? Its because they are not registered. To register a player, Eg. Ferdinand, go to 'Edit Mode', go to 'Register player' then select England. Choose the player that you wish to swap Ferdinand for (personally, I would choose Mills or Southgate) and highlight them. On the right you will be given a list of all the other players on the game that are English. Click on Ferdinand and he's in.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Joao

    PremierLeague Team Name's

    North London - Arsenal
    West Midlands Village - Aston Villa
    West Midlands City - Birmingham
    Lancashire - Blackburn Rovers
    Middlebrook - Bolton
    South East London - Charlton
    West London Blue - Chelsea
    Crisisbless - Crystal Palace
    Mersyside Blue - Everton
    West London White - Fulham
    Mersyside Red - Liverpool~
    Man Blue - Manchester City
    Man Red - Manchester United
    Teesside - Middlesbrough
    Tyneside - Newcastle
    Northluck C - Norwich
    Pompy - Portsmouth
    Soton - Southampton
    North East London - Tottenham
    Nextbaumedge - West Bromwich Albion