Princess review

Anders Morgenthaler’s animated debut is a sort of Danish Death Wish by way of Get Carter. The mash-up of live-action and intentionally stiff, Manga-style Japanimation is sly and provocative, but mostly distracts from Morgenthaler’s ballsy beef with the abuses of the skin-biz. The pitch is perfect – a priest and a porn-star’s five-year-old daughter embark on a revenge-binge against grot moguls. But Morgenthaler’s point about premature sexualisation and porn-viewer complicity is muffled by a meandering story, cackling villains and jarring magic-realist asides. There are some stirring, seat-shuffling moments of squelching violence and bleak comedy, but it needs more guile to hold steady as an attack on liberalism. Instead, Morgenthaler’s messing around with the medium has dampened his message.

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