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Pokemon storyboard writer leaks anime spoiler: Brock and Dawn axed?

Bulbapedia's translation:

"Finally, filming Pokémon has begun!

It was three episodes of the new series, but it looks like the heroine isn't the main girl from the games.

I went "Huh!?" when I saw the character chart last time, but it really looks like the heroine is an original child. It appears that Takeshi isn't in it, and a new rival character who is similar to Shinji is in it too.

By the way, the heroine is cute but amazing... her hair style is pretty."

If this information is accurate, it seems likely thatBrock and Dawn may be gone fromthe series for good, at least in their starring roles.The writer did say that he had onlyseen the first three episodes, but itdoesn't really make sensethatBrock would be cut from the first three episodes and then reintroduced later. We already had one scare thatAsh was leaving the series, so we're eager to see what really happens when the Black and White series finally airs.

What do you think? Should we believe yet another Pokemon blog leak from a Pokemon insider (Pokemon Sunday host Shokotanleaked details about Zekromlast week)? And if it's true, are you glad to seeBrock and Dawngo? Or will you mourn the end of an era? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE: Thanks to user samgardner94for the correction - we had Takeshi and Satoshi mixed up.

Jun 10, 2010

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