Perfect Dark Zero 2 - Microsoft's next big gun?

Oct 15, 2007

A third console installment in Rare's Perfect Dark franchise will be revealed sometime next year, claims a report on games site GameGuru.

The site, claiming sources within Rare, says the British developer is hard at work on a sequel to the original N64 shooter (rather than another PDZ-style prequel) and it'll have something to show of the game by the end of next year.

According to Guru, the story will feature more prominently this time around with a Darker, grittier Joanna Dark. "The entire game has tints of grey surrounding all the characters," says the site.

Interestingly, a new morality system is also claimed, with different story branches and endings depending on your in-game actions.

With the 360 launch game's decent sales - and space left to fill now that Halo's done and dusted - we're totally expecting a new Perfect Dark to roll around eventually. This time though, we're hoping it's not as disappointing as Zero. Please,Microsoft, let Rare get on with it.

Courtesy of CVG.