Out Of Depth review

Basing your first film on the true story of a friend who was murdered after crossing the wrong people would seem to be the ideal opportunity for an intelligent portrayal of a tragic event. Sadly, Simon Marshall's debut is content to roll out enough "Sarf Lahndan" clichés to fill several Fast Show sketches.

Clunker lines like ""'E goes around pissin' on people - 'e's asking for a clump!"" will have you snickering, while several excruciating scenes of old "lahds" discussing how things "was diff'nt back in them days" desperately pad out an already stretched story.

In his favour, Marshall has at least chosen to avoid the usual Lock, Stock visual tricks in favour of taut direction. Shame the script wasn't given the same treatment: this is strictly bargain basement. Hardly a fitting memorial, really.

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