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Operation: Tango revealed after debut at Future Games Show

(Image credit: Clever Plays)

More details have landed about Operation: Tango, a new title from Leap of Fate developer Clever Games, after the project was first unveiled at the Future Games Show over the weekend.

Described by Clever Games as an "espionage-themed cooperative adventure", Operation: Tango sees two players work together in the role of a special agent and elite hacker respectively, each using their unique skills and perspective to help each other out in "bringing a high-tech global menace to its knees."

Both players will need to remain in constant communication with one another to solve Operation: Tango's series of uniquely designed puzzles, taking place across a number of exotic locations rendered in a gorgeous art style inspired by the techno-age of augmented reality. 

That focus on co-operation means that a good headset will be handy to play Operation: Tango, as it looks like Clever Plays is channelling the design of titles like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to offer a genuinely smart and satisfying brain train, not to mention a true test of your friendship with whomever you choose as Player 2.

Mattieu Bégin, co-founder and game designer at Clever Plays said in a press release: “When designing, my goal was to keep each player engaged, challenged, and communicating in a meaningful way at all times, so we really had to think through how people interact. It was really more like designing two games in tandem.”

Operation: Tango is heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2021, and you can already wishlist the game on Steam here (opens in new tab)

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