Online Burnout Demo shut down

If you're still enjoying the high-speed online thrills of the Burnout Paradise demo you'd better make the most of it because today's the last day it'll work online.

To free up some bandwidth on its inevitably busy online servers, EA is clearing out the cheap-skate gamers by shutting down the online part of the demo tomorrow.

"In order to enable the best possible experience for gamers who have purchased Burnout Paradise, we will be switching multiplayer off this Friday 1st February," confirms EA. "We hope you enjoyed it."

Although unspecified, it's safe to assume this applies to both PSN and Xbox Live versions.

Now it's time to stop being such a tight-ass and break out the cash. "Now go buy the full game if you already haven't!" demands EA.

The demo should remain downloadable and playable offline though, so if you're that desperate you can still play the same Burning Route mission over and over again.

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Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 31, 2008