Okami visual update

Thursday 27 July 2006
The distinctive and beautiful Okami, Capcom's god-who's-a-dog watercolour PS2 platformer, won't be turning up over here until early next year. But, like a news-hunting canine with a nose for updates, we've dug up a new gameplay video to remind you why Okami will be so special.

It's all in Japanese, so we're still none the wiser as to the finer points of Okami's plot, but here's the lowdown: Okami is the physical embodiment of goddess Amaterasu, who has beamed down to Earth to save the world from a evil, creeping darkness.

The trailer shows you all you need to know about Okami's gameplay, with some great new examples of how you'll be wielding Amaterasu's magic paintbrush, and plenty of marvellous cel-shaded action. Click the movies tab above and watch it now!

Above: Okami's exceptional watercolour-style visuals create an amazing-looking fantasy world