Not a joke: US artist to travel the country playing LOTRO while sealed in a crate

US performance artist Jordan Wayne Long will soon attempt to answer one of mankind's most enduring questions; namely, what would happen to a dude who spends seven days sealed in a crate on the back of a truck playing nothing but Lord of the Rings Online.

The 'Box Shipment #2' project will begin on July 1st, and see Long transported for seven days from Bald Knob, Arkansas to Portland, Oregon, where he will emerge (red eyed and babbling incoherently, we suspect) to tell his tale at theFourteen30ContemporaryArt Gallery. According to Long, the performance art piece is one of a continuing series of human experiments designed to test the healing effects of MMOs – or more specifically, online communities - on post traumatic stress disorder.

Provided he figures out how to maintain a strong enough wi-fi signal, the journey will be documented viaLong's Twitteraccount . Meanwhile, his friend and driver, Bradi Roberts, will be documenting the exploits ofLong's in-game character Andawings on hismain website.

Long'slast Box Piece, otherwise known as the “How Long Can We Make Artsy Folks Talk Seriously About a Dude in a Box Fort” project took place back in April. Feel free to laugh along, or use big words to comment on man's persistent willingness to subjugate itself to suffocating societal parameters, below:

Jun 22, 2011

[Source:Jordan Wayne Long's blogviaKotaku]

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