Nobody likes Baldur's Gate 3's Githyanki, but they should

Baldur's Gate 3
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Githyanki are the least popular Baldur's Gate 3 race of all time, though one Reddit user has made it abundantly clear that players are, frankly, objectively wrong. It turns out Githyanki are, as the post by AngryDMoney (via Kotaku) notes, "massively OP".

Laid out by a community update post on Steam, Larian shows that the Githyanki race ranks last in player popularity among all the Baldur's Gate 3 races out there. Though as AngryDMoney points out, this is a race that deserves a lot more consideration when designing a character in the game.

Not only can they add "proficiency in any skill and change it with a rest", these impressive warriors also get "free misty step: one of the best spells in the game", "triple jumping distance", "mage hand for free", and even "access to light and medium armour + swords."

That's one laundry list of racial perks if ever there was one.

"Honestly the movement capabilities alone puts them above every other class", says AngryDMoney. It's true, Githyanki are sorely overlooked despite everyone's obsession with Lae'zel as one of the most-loved NPCs in-game. Still everyone brushes these badasses aside as viable player character choices.

"They're basically astral space spartans." says user leogian4511 in the comments section, highlighting that their ruthless culture essentially necessitates their badassery, lest they be banished or offed to keep them from breeding more weaklings into the fold. "The ones that aren't OP wouldn't survive the Githyanki lifestyle long enough for you to meet them."

A fair point.

The Githyanki are a race of survivors. They've powered through and broken free of enslavement, which is enough to bolster any group of people with some serious constitution. Mentally, the Githyanki have evolved the power to literally move objects just with their concentration. That's some serious cerebral superiority, and that's on top of their impressive physical prowess.

I think now may be the time to pick up that silver sword and ride a red dragon in service of queen Vlaakith.

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