Nintendo's eco-friendly 3DS game cases are slim and full of holes

Above: Well look at that. It's full of holes! Be careful you don't get your fingers caught in 'em

The result will make the game cases some 15% lighter than their DS counterparts. They also look to have slimmer spines, which lookas sexy as game case spines can. There is, of course, an increased possibility of something pushing through the plastic and damaging your game's cover art, but... well, surely if you care about your boxes that much, you wouldn't ever put them in such a position, mmm?

This should help keep down the company's carbon footprint, but I fear it's created another problem, far more severe, previously caused by ringpulls and the plastic rings you get on packs of beer cans:

Above: The horrifying potential effect of this hole-filled clamshell design

15 Feb, 2011


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