Nintendo urges third parties to "make something unique"

Nov 19, 2007

With Wii continuing to do incredibly well, third parties are jumping on board faster than we can keep track of, but Nintendo wants devs to "take time" on their creations instead of rushing out quick cash-ins.

Speaking on the topic of Wii's healthy third party support, Nintendo of America's George Harrison says: "Certainly there's a strong line-up of third party titles, and we're trying to encourage them to make them.

"But, we're also trying to encourage third parties to take the time and effort to make something unique, not just to sort of throw something out on Wii because the Wii's the fast-selling system."

We're glad it's not just us noticing the trend - late ports from old consoles, broken Wii Remote controls and the rest of the gumpf we've seen from onetoo many third party productions.

Harrisongoes on to state the obvious: "I think the ones that have spent the most time in the box are the ones that are going to be the most successful this holiday."

Elsewhere in his interview withNext Generation, the Nintendo boss discusses production numbers for Wii, in light of the ongoing global shortages.

"I can't give an exact number for November and December. We had to make our final decision on how much to produce each month for the holidays back in the summer. It takes about five months for us to increase the actual monthly rate of production.

"We're at a rate now worldwide of about 1.8 million Wiis produced every month, and that's going to sustain itself until we get on top of this. We're trying to make decisions on almost a weekly basis about which market to ship the product to, because in Japan it's a big success, and same in Europe."

Big success in Japan, huh?We'll see how long that lasts.

Courtesy of CVG.