Nintendo tells us why there won't be a new DS anytime soon

4) Every Nintendo handheld has had three versions
The original Game Boy was given a 'pocket' version and then a colour version before being dropped altogether. Then, Game Boy Advance was given a flip-top SP model and then a Micro version. Seeing as DS is already flip-top, maybe we could be looking at DS Micro? Just imagine that – DS Micro. The weight of twenty paperclips…

5) A spec increase wouldn't hurt
While DS has outsold PSP considerably, proving that it's not necessarily the most powerful machine that is the most popular, we would love to see the two combined. Imagine the graphical grunt and hi-tech feel of PSP along with its gorgeous screen being put to use in a DS. It makes the 'marginally more powerful than N64' specs of the current DS seem like a kids' toy. But Nintendo would never sacrifice the feeling of fun – the technology would just be a bonus. Imagine a DS with Gamecube's graphics. Yum.

6) Nintendo loves to combat piracy
The existing DS' GBA cartridge slot has been exploited by hackers who use flash memory cards through the slot to run pirated games – an easy way to get around the small DS card slot. A new model DS (rumoured to feature internal storage in place of the slot) would get around this problem – very attractive for Nintendo, who have always had a big thing against piracy. Remember the tiny Gamecube disks?

7) Downloadable GBA games
With the new WiiWare channel appearing on Wii and the possibility for GBA games being available for cheap download, a new DS would be ideal. The on-board memory of the rumoured new model DS would store the games, the GBA slot would go (because, well – you could download the games anyway) and DS and Wii would start to enjoy the sort of partnership PS3 and PSP have had for a while now. It makes total sense.

E3's not far off now - we wouldn't bet against something DS-shaped being unveiled there...

Justin Towell

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