New Doctor Who trailer online

The Doctor went to America at the weekend, as the new trailer for the next Who special, "The Waters of Mars", got its world premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con.

But don't fret if you weren't on the west coast of the US over the weekend. You can catch the clip here on the BBC website, and we reckon you'll be impressed. Be intrigued by talk about fixed point in time, debate the meanings of the prophecy at the end of "Planet of the Dead" as the Doctor ponders what someone knocking four times has to do with his demise, and get very, very scared about water. You might never take a bath again...

And after all the rumours and the sightings on set, it was also confirmed at Comic-Con that John Simm's Master will be returning for the final specials of Tennant's reign. Looks like the Tenth Doctor's going to get one hell of a send off.