New trailer drops Metal Gear bombs

We've already seen a few trailers of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which have nicely shown off the rendering power of the PlayStation 3 and a few of the cool things the game will be able to do when it hits stores sometime in 2007. But as cool as the trailers were, it was pretty obvious to anyone with a keen eye and a cynical heart that they weren't gameplay.

But when the wraps came off the new trailer that debuted today at the Tokyo Game Show, we got our first real glimpse of what MGS4 will look like in action. Sure, it's not a complete picture - there's no onscreen display, and the camera angles are too cinematic to be shots of real, honest-to-God gameplay - but there's no doubt that the stealth action was rendered on the fly, by the PS3.

The trailer - which you can see by hitting the Movies tab above - shows a lot of different stuff, but much of it focuses on Snake's new Octo-Cam, or "octopus camouflage," a suit that automatically takes on the patterns and textures of whatever it's nearby. It's a little weird to see Snake worm his way across a trench, but you'll notice that he stays unseen by enemy eyes until he lobs a grenade at them.

Mikel Reparaz
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